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Our Partners


Centro Studio e Lavoro La Cremeria

Centro Studio e Lavoro "La Cremeria" was created in 1988 in ownership of the Municipality of Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), in Emilia Romagna Region. The centre offers training, research and consulting. During these years, the centre has developed a lot of significant partnerships.

Centro Studio e Lavoro La Cremeria has conceived and managed as project leader, the "Facing Emergencies" project on 2006 (EU DG Environment) Civil Protection Call for proposals with positive results (we have been invited to present the results to the 2008 Civil Protection Committee). The reference of the project is “FACING EMERGENCIES: good practice in civil protection for little and medium dimension tows” n.07030601/2006/447873/SUB/A3.  On a local level, La Cremeria is the official Civil Protection training centre for the Province of Reggio Emilia, in cooperation with the Civil Protection Agency of Emilia-Romagna Region.


Meraki Projectes

We are a group of people linked to the education, culture and sports area, with experience in the management and development of European Projects, with a strong belief in the public service.

We help schools, associations and other education, cultural and sport organisations to get funding for their projects, as well as to establish relationships with other organisations at European level.

Meraki Projectes co-operates with schools, sport clubs, associations and NGOs to approach European cooperation to their activities.

Within the RespOnSE project, Meraki Projectes will co-operate in the development of the Social Resilience Officer Professional Curriculum and in the design and development of the Training methodology on social resilience, including a training programme (strategies to face to different social impacts; resilience building strategies and entrepreneurial skills), as well as training tools. Moreover, Meraki Projectes will organise and host a Transnational study visit in Spain for one week.

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QueSiTe srl

QueSiTe srl is a Small and Medium Enterprise located in Pinerolo (Province of Turin), Italy, active since 2003.

One of the core businesses of QueSiTe is focused on civil protection planning, training and raising awareness activities. Within this field, QueSiTe realised Civil Protection plans at different scales - local, regional and national - acquiring relevant professional and technical competences. Aside this planning activity, QueSiTe has organised training courses addressed to local administrators, civil servants, volunteers and citizens. These different target groups are involved with different tools and training methodologies: Slideshows and textbooks, didactic instruments, role games, didactic games, audio and video supports, leaflets. In particular, as for what concerns innovative didactic instruments and tool, QueSiTe has invented and patented didactic game addressed to children, teens and adults (also specialised audiences), commonly used within training courses, focused on the importance of prevention, showing the complexity of emergency management activities and, in general, conveying a message of self-protection and “safety culture”.


Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH)

The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), founded in 2000, is the only research centre in Northern Greece and one of the largest in the country. Within CERTH, the Information Technologies Institute (CERTH/ITI), involved in this project, is the Organization devoted to the promotion and execution of research in the area of informatics and telecommunications in Northern Greece. CERTH/ITI is one of the Greek leading Institutions in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. Regarding this project, the CERTH -  Information Technology Institute exhibits substantial research activity as well as technology transfer actions, employs a high quality scientific group in the area of the development of simulation platforms and visual analytics for highly complex systems, and it participates in research networks with assorted institutes and industrial partners in Greece and Europe.


Business Incubator-Gotse Delchev (BI-GD)

Business Incubator-Gotse Delchev (BI-GD), is a Bulgarian non-profit organization in public benefit working since 1999 to foster economy through entrepreneurship, innovation and human resources development. BI-GD supports potential entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and businesses by providing high quality business services: information, advisory, consultancy and business planning, training and mentoring, access to funding, capacity building and knowledge transfer.

BI-GD is committed to strengthen social innovation in entrepreneurship and the community, fostering the establishment of partnerships and networks at local, national, and EU levels. Main target groups are young people, women, entrepreneurs and NGOs, farmers, unemployed and disadvantaged people. 

BI-GD provides a variety of vocational trainings (incl. e-learning), through its VET centre. The organization designs and delivers tailor-made curriculum and training courses addressed to entrepreneurs, SMEs and their employees, professional associations or unemployed.


In the RESPONSE project, BI-GD will bring its experience in entrepreneurial skills enhancement, as well as in designing curriculum and training modules. It is responsible for elaborating a Sustainability and exploitation plan.


Varaždin County

The Varazdin County is a unit of regional self-government and as such performs state administration duties transferred to it, and affairs of regional significance. Varazdin County encompasses 22 municipalities and 6 cities, with a total population of around 181,000 people. It makes developmental plans in the areas of education, health, regional and urban planning, traffic and transport infrastructure, economic development, civil protection also fostering networks of educational, health, social, and cultural institutions. VZZ puts great importance on the inclusion of citizens in the decision-making process, informing the public about the EU legislation and the implementation of projects financed by the European Union, foreign governments and national agencies and ministries. The Varazdin County represent a perfect pilot area in relation to project topics, as shown by recent flooding over the past 5 years, showing a system for post-disaster (i.e. reconstruction, re-establishing damaged/destroyed infrastructure, bring communities back to the same living standards before disasters/ emergencies) which will also gain positive effects and knowledge through the project.

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International Labour Association

International Labour Association (ILA) is an NGO that provides mechanisms to facilitate knowledge and experience transfer among sectors and countries and carries out national and international training, research and consultancy projects on employment, entrepreneurship, vocational qualification, migration, volunteering, youth work and labour relations.

RespOnSE project will also count on the support and experience of a number of associated partners:

1. Zavod Voluntariat - SCI Slovenia, a sending volunteering organisation. The organization is implementing activities which strictly fits with RespOnSE               topics and developing tools that represent an excellent starting point for the project. In particular, it has participated in an Erasmus+ KA2 project                     “Upgrade Yourself” within which it developed an application able to translate volunteering experience into competences. Nowadays, they further                     developing this topic in another Erasmus+ KA2 project “Employability via Volunteering”, focused on how much the job sector is valuing volunteering             experiences in Czech Republic and Slovenia.

2. The Nijmegen Volunteer Centre (Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen) which works on capacity development of third sector organizations in the Netherlands,       focusing on their volunteering management processes.

3. The National Volunteering Committee (Turkey): the committee consists of 30 large volunteer organizations in Turkey.

4. Cavriago Municipality and Emilia Romagna Region.

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